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Karina Gonzalez

NMLS #2514653

Karina is a dynamic professional with an impressive 15-year career in media sales, specializing in the luxury design market. Coming from a unique background, Karina, whose parents are from Costa Rica, was born in Los Angeles and spent her formative years in Utah. Her journey continued with a bold move to Miami, initiated by a national student exchange program. Karina’s educational pursuits led her to study Public Relations and Philosophy at Florida International University (FIU). It was during this time that her passion for forging connections and fostering growth began to flourish. After completing her studies, she embarked on a fulfilling role as a Business Development Director for Florida Design Magazine. Karina’s leadership within this role not only drove exponential growth within her territory but also built a thriving community within the trade industry.

Karina’s life took a defining turn during an 8-month sabbatical in Cape Town, South Africa, leading to globetrotting adventures across countries like Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, and India. These experiences enriched her perspective and fueled her passion for exploration. Back in Miami, she founded Creative Change, Inc., a wellness company specializing in mindfulness products, including The Future Self Journal, making a positive impact.

Karina is an avid traveler, aquatic enthusiast, nature lover, and cherishes quality time with loved ones. Her remarkable journey, coupled with her extensive experience in media sales and her commitment to personal development, make her a multifaceted professional with a unique blend of skills and an insatiable zest for life. Her story is a testament to the power of curiosity, determination, and a passion for forging connections and creating positive change in the world.